Sarah and Sunil - April 2012 - Hazelwood Castle

What a 3 days I had with these two.  I met Sarah at a wedding fair in 2011, and instantly clicked with her, she told me about her 3 day Hindu wedding and asked me to photograph the whole event. I have never felt so welcome and comfortable working amongst new people as I did with Sarah and Sunil. Their families were amazing, I feel very lucky to meet wonderful people who take such care and attention to plan the most beautiful events, and who then ask me to be a part of it. Sunil’s father hosted a ceremony on the thursday in Manchester, this was a very special ceremony for Sunil’s grandparents, their priests had come from India to perform the traditional Hindu ceremony. It was a wash of beautiful colours and special traditions. Only close family members were present here, which made the event feel so intimate.

Sarah and Sunil then had the legal ceremony on the friday at Hazelwood Castle. Whether you host a wedding for 1 day or 3-4 days, each day reveals more treasured feelings, emotions and moments. Watching Sunil as Sarah walked down the aisle with both parents was a joy. There is nothing more special than this moment, saying vows to each other, and celebrating amongst your closest friends and family.

On the saturday Sarah and Sunil hosted 2 more weddings and all at Hazelwood Castle!! they had a shorter more condensed version of the Hindu ceremony, and then Sarah yet again walked down the aisle but in the little chapel on Hazlewood ‘s grounds. Sarah wore 4 beautiful different outfits throughout the occasion and looked stunning. It really was amazing to share this event with Sarah and Sunil, I had a wonderful time getting to know the couple and have new experiences for myself too. Here are a selection from over the 3 days. Enjoy!

sarah01 sarah02 sarah03 sarah04 sarah05 sarah06 sarah07 sarah08 sarah09 sarah10 sarah11 sarah12 sarah13 sarah14 sarah15 sarah16 sarah17 sarah18 sarah19 sarah20 sarah21 sarah22 sarah23 sarah24 sarah25 sarah26 sarah27 sarah28 sarah29 sarah30 sarah31 sarah32 sarah33 sarah34 sarah35 sarah36 sarah37 sarah38 sarah39 sarah40 sarah41 sarah42 sarah43 sarah44 sarah45 sarah46 sarah47 sarah48 sarah49 sarah50 sarah51 sarah52 sarah53 sarah54 sarah55 sarah56 sarah57 sarah58 sarah59 sarah60 sarah61 sarah62 sarah63 sarah64 sarah65 sarah66 sarah67 sarah68 sarah69 sarah70 sarah71 sarah72 sarah73 sarah74 sarah75 sarah76 sarah77 sarah78 sarah79 sarah80 sarah81 sarah82 sarah83 sarah84 sarah85 sarah86