Hollie and Henry - October 2012 - The Star Inn, Herome

I have known Hollie and Henry for years, we go way back to school days, a gorgeous couple who have been together for over 10 years. I felt honoured to shoot their wedding last year, and what a day it was. The autumn sun was shining for us, and the papakata tipis were up and ready for a party. It was lovely to spend the morning with Hollie, her family and her best friends whilst they got through the preparations at her parents house in Harrogate.  Hollie had a beautiful dress form The Bridal collection in Harrogate, and the bridesmaids dresses were in a stunning navy blue and were a bespoke design.

The service was at Helmsley Church and the reception followed at The star inn at Herome. I learnt they had chosen Helmsley church for its size! over 200 guests attended the wedding and had come from all over the country and overseas for the big day. There was the most beautiful tree lined walkway from the church gate to the front doors, it made Hollies walkway all the more special. These two have a huge close friendship group, and having been together through school and university days, these bonds have clearly grown stronger. It was amazing to see how much love and support these two have from their friends and family. I have photographed Hollie’s niece and nephew before too, and having to get to know the family more closely they made me feel all the more welcome.¬†As you can see the dance floor was never empty and their friends won the prize for the craziest dance moves!

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